This modern logistic centre is situated in business area 'Noordland'. The building is of high quality of delivery, and is approximately 43.000 sq m. Partial letting is an option that can be discussed from approximately 8.850 sq m. The government confirmed the plan to extend the highway A4, which will increase accessibility to the Randstad conurbation. The plans to build a container terminal in the near future will increase accessibility further. Several large companies have already established themselves at the business park such as Ricoh, Partner Logistics, Mepavex and DHL are established. The landlord of this logistic centre is AXA.

Area information

The region West-Brabant, well situated between the world's leading harbors of Rotterdam and Antwerp, is an attractive region with in total 18 local authorities, approximately 650.000 residents and approximately 30.000 companies. The region has perfect infrastructure and a convenient labour market. The number of residents in Bergen op Zoom is approximately 65.000 (with an working population of approximately 30.000).

Employment market

The region has access to a relativly young and skilled working population of approximately 270.000 persons. Besides this, there is an employment potential of approximately 60.000 persons (25.000 Western-brabanders who are working in the southern Randstad conurbation). Generaly people prefer working close to their place of residence, which means a potential employment reservoir for new companies. Extensive information on the employment market and subsidies can be provided by the development company for this region called Rewin.


The property is situated at business park `Noordland`, next to Ricoh. Business park Noordland and Theodorusharbor are the most important economic centres of the municipalities Bergen op Zoom and Western- Brabant. There are approximately 120 companies situated on the business park and the working people is approximately 5000 persons. The total stock is 362 hectare. The business park is accessible by water, rail and road. Companies such as General Electric Advanced Materials, Resins Partner Logistics Bergen op Zoom, Ricoh and HL Display are situated on the business park. Philip Morris Holland BV and GE Plastics BV are situated nearby in Bergen op Zoom.

The large-scaled business park 'Noordland' is situated North-West from the city centre of Bergen op Zoom and next to business park Theodorusharbor. In the North-West the business park is bordered by the Zoomlake and the Rijn-Scheldekanaal.

The business park Noordland/Theodorusharbor is an important economic base for the municipality of Bergen op Zoom and Western-Brabant.

Future expectations

The A4 extension should be completed in 2010, directly connecting Rotterdam and Antwerp and making Bergen op Zoom a very good strategic location for the logistic sector.

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