Bergen op Zoom is situated along the A58 between Rotterdam and Antwerp, in short distance to Amsterdam's and Brussel's airport. The location is accessible by road (A16, A4, A58, A59, A17, A27) by water (Hollands Diep, Rijn-Scheldekanaal) and by the international rail connection, making the accessibility of the business park is very good. The container terminal is situated within 6 minutes distance from the A58 (exit 27). The linking road N259 links Bergen op Zoom to the A4. The A4 and the A16 are the two most important North-South connections between the world leading harbors Rotterdam and Antwerp. Together with the A27 and A17 the region has perfect accessibility. The A58 and A59 give accessability to the East-West of the region.

Distance to:

Rotterdam 70 KM
Schiphol 140 KM
Antwerpen 50 KM
Brussel 100 KM

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